30 Cute Pics Of Cats Sleeping And They Will Definitely Brighten Your Day

by johnsmith

These adorable cats can pass out anywhere! Take a look at these sleeping cats and get ready to full with cuteness!

1. The Time I Rescued A Crying Kitten Outside. My Cat Cuddled Her


2. A Stray Kitten Just Came Up And Took A Nap On My Lap. Best Moment In This Whole Miserable Year


3. A Tired Little Man


4. We Sleep With Our Toes To The Sky


5. Baby Kitty Sleeps With Mom

6. My Cat Insists I Hold His Paw While He Sleeps On My Lap. Never Once Has Scratched Me. It’s A Very Trusting Relationship Kind Of Thing


7. When You’re Napping But You Also Have To Practice Your Ballet


8. My Dad Has Never Had A Cat But Loves Mine. He Found A Kitten Crying Outside A Couple Days Ago Who Prefers Sleeping Like This


9. Napping With Mommy


10. Kitten Wheel


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