20 SCARY GHOST Videos YOU Will NEVER Forget

by johnsmith

Top 20 scary videos run the first video for today is a video i found on  facebook uploaded by gabriel martinez navarro the video has been circulating since the 10th of  november 2020 but i have yet to see it featured gabriel who recorded and uploaded the video  ventures out to an abandoned haunted school  

Alone late at night and why he catches  on camera makes his blood turn cold all right is goodness hmm ah as gabriel enters a classroom a plank of wood  moves behind him then the door to the classroom  

Slams shut gabriel is terrified and sounds like he  loads his gun he calls out but guess no reply in   absolute fear gabriel cautiously takes a look  outside and the coast looks clear but as he’s   walking away something startles him and he spins  the camera around and what looks like the face  

The child can be seen staring right at gabriel  gabriel yells in horror and flees a haunted school   so could this be a ghost caught on camera by  gabriel or is it fake as always it’s your call   don’t go alone this video was taken from the  youtube channel voice evil and it’s pretty  

Creepy voice evil claims that he caught a quote  paranormal shadow orb inside a cabin’s workshed   on the 4th of february 2020. apparently his  friend’s grandfather sadly passed away recently   and another friend moved into the cabin before  leaving after only two days boys evil decides  

To investigate the cabin to see why his friend  left so suddenly and well maybe he shouldn’t have his voice evil takes a look around  the cabin he gets boot by something   then a dark shadowy object can be seen  moving on camera before a second black  

Object flies towards him scaring him to  death video then cuts there class dismissed   this video was uploaded in 2014 to the youtube  channel archivo paranormal web the video was   recorded inside a classroom in 2010 and the  uploader states that the reason the video was  

Recorded was for evaluation purposes apparently  unexplainable things had been happening in the   classroom for months and were reported to the head  teacher on several occasions however these reports   were ignored and blamed on the students  the last resort to back up their claims  

Was to set up a static camera inside the  classroom and this is what they caught on camera okay guys remember what i said this morning then  the camera is not there that’s just less that my   boss can see what we’ve been doing in our lessons  right what were we talking about this morning

Excellent thanks yeah safety in the community  okay good stephen so we’ve been talking about   dangers that we might face when we’re out  and about what dangers might be don’t do   that please it’s distracting right okay well  whoever it was don’t do that please go on drugs  

Excellent yeah drugs okay so that’s one thing  someone give me another one then strangers green definitely seemed that way didn’t it um  right what we’re going to do we uh we need to uh i’ll tell you what guys um let’s let’s  just go out for a minute um follow me so

The folder moves on the table then a few seconds  later a box moves towards the teacher and the   teacher looks confused then the box moves again  startling the teacher who then orders the students   to vacate the classroom they leave the camera  rolling when the draw opens and then closes  

All by itself the chair swivels around on its own  before the camera is knocked to the floor and a   draw can be heard opening and closing before  the video ends there so what do you guys think   is this video real evidence of something  paranormal or maybe it’s just a film for a  

School project let me know what you think down in  the comments in the parking lot this next video   was caught on a parking lot cctv camera and was  uploaded as a youtube show by scooter979 represent   it’s not a long video and there isn’t much to  say however it is rather strange watch closely

You see the white thing the truck seems to open all on its own and swing  slightly before a white orb like object can be   seen floating away the daughter of the truck  continues to swing back and forth before slowly  

Closing inexplicably all by itself so could this  be footage of something paranormal or is it fake   drop a comment below with your thoughts  now you see me now you don’t in this clip   taken from the channel clip hand 2 something  rather creepy happens an urban explorer  

Records a video of their exploration inside  an abandoned building alone or so they thought at first we can see the room is empty no one is  by the window however a few seconds later when the  

Camera pans past the window a female figure can be  seen just standing there when the camera pans back   this video comes from the youtube channel pj  manson and is only 25 seconds long but pj claims   he caught a quote shadow figure on camera when he  

And two of his friends were invited to  investigate another friend’s apartment   he states paranormal activity had been non-stop  while his friend was living there and that when pj   and his friends were investigating her apartment  they felt a strange energy heard unexplained  

Voices and pj’s phone mysteriously malfunctioned  but nothing could prepare them for this shadow figure can be seen  peeking out from behind a wall   at the bottom of the basement stairs the  face has no distinguishable facial features  

And just stares right at pj before ducking away  pj states that he and his friends have no idea who   this could be but what do you think did pj  mansion capture a shadow figure on camera   or is it all fake tell me what you  think in the comments below the stalker

The youtube channel paranormal instincts  uploaded this creepy video clip of a girl   walking her dog late at night in a  forest when a dog seems to notice   someone or something lurking in the trees close by what’s up come on come on hi

Come on bruce come on bruce spot something  in the trees but she doesn’t notice it a   figure dressed in black with a pale white  face seems to watch them as they walk by   would this be something paranormal or a  strange person stalking the girl in her dog  

Whatever the case the fact that something  is sneakily watching them from the trees   unbeknown to the girl makes this  clip really creepy poltergeist jordan sovis uploaded this video back in  2011 which shows him and his friend chris   investigating a haunted house out in the  countryside the video starts out with the pair  

Driving out to the location of the haunted house  when they arrive they enter through a partially   open garage door they start their investigation  joking about ghosts maybe that was a bad idea oh empty pack of cigarettes dude that feels kind of weird just going  through someone’s like old stuff you know  

Is there anybody in this house can you make known your presence to us somehow oh my god dude what in the world is that what dude hold on that seriously just happened  calm down calm down what is going on is that you there are any ghostly spirits in this house  

No way dude dude no way did that  piano just seriously play by itself   do it again do it again do it again dude we should get out of this oh my  gosh hold on we came here to do this   we’re actually getting it dude seriously  i don’t want to be in that place

So let’s get as much as we can here seriously you better go first then  dude i didn’t even know that i believed i’d never believed in ghosts  i wouldn’t let her walk dude don’t even go what is your name hello can you do anything besides play the piano

The pair asked for the entity to make its  presence known to them and the kitchen drawer   starts slamming open and shut the pair are shot by  what they just saw but eventually regather their   courage they ask again if there are any spirits in  the house and then the piano mysteriously starts  

Playing all by itself and if you look closely  you can see the keys of the piano were being   pressed by something we can’t see perfectly  the house before deciding to head back inside   all the while the piano continues to play  so did jordan sovis and his friend chris  

Film evidence of paranormal activity let me know  your thoughts down in the comments the watcher this creepy video comes from  the channel a paranormal journey   and what follows is rather creepy the group chose  to investigate a place called the haunted woods  

Located somewhere on the island of anglesey  in north wales the unedited footage you’re   about to see was uploaded in 2019 and is  titled did we capture a shadow man on camera   and well after watching the video it  most certainly looks like it tonight

If we get any responses you just walk out and then  i’ll follow you yeah i’ll stand here for a minute   as the grouper starting their investigation  if you look to the top right of the screen   a dark shadow like figure can be clearly  seen on camera and later in the clip when  

The camera shows the same spot again there’s no  one there the team claim they can’t explain what   or who it was and that they had been there for a  while but never saw anybody else what do you guys  

Think is this a shadow figure caught on camera  let me know what you think in the comments below   if you’re enjoying this episode so far all i ask  is that you please like this video and comment  

Something below to help get this video out doing  so will help more people see it and it allows me   to keep bringing you guys more free content  that you don’t have to pay for unlike netflix   please smash that like button and drop  a comment below your home is haunted

I found these net scary clips over on tick tock  uploaded by the user bunnysquid 95. apparently   bunnysquid95 aka devin and her fiance had just  moved into a new apartment above an empty house   when they started experiencing strange  unexplainable things happening around their home

Hey guys it’s uh 12 12 o’clock in the morning  and i heard some weird noises jesus christ   oh my god okay so i just gotta uh to  turn the light on and um this is still okay and oh yeah okay um yeah  they’re still weird something

Okay goodbye hi guys um i had just gotten up to  uh show everybody that my fan uh is just a regular   oscillating fan it’s not anything that would be  able to move a ceramic cup as you can see now   um and then i started hearing  some noises so i was going to just

Record and see what what happened okay so you can see a lot of the activity  is centered most mostly uh in my kitchen   um it’s probably not coincidence i’ll  show you guys the garage sometime it’s   directly below the kitchen but um yeah a  lot of weird stuff happens down there too

The paper towels are in the water bottle oh okay are we in the chair then  is that what i’m supposed to see hello oh okay devin starts recording because  she heard strange noises and then we see objects  

Mysteriously move on the table in the kitchen then  as devon’s in the kitchen the cover door slowly   opens all by itself some paper falls off the  fridge door before bangs are heard and more things   can be heard landing on the floor then as devon is  filming a video trying to prove what’s happening  

Is real objects mysteriously start moving around  her kitchen devin records another video using   the reality ripple effect which uses claim can  pick up ghosts and as she’s filming a chair the   camera picks up something then a voice is heard  which devin claims wasn’t her and the reality  

Ripple effect keeps picking up something standing  right in front of her as with all tick-tock videos   the comment section is filled with comments  from believers and non-believers but what do   you guys think is this video real or fake as  always that’s up to you to decide reflection

This video is a three part series by the ghost  hunter channel hrj paranormal adventures where   they visit the old south pittsburgh hospital  which is supposed to be incredibly haunted   i think this video was shared a couple  of years ago but i thought i’d feature it  

In case anyone hasn’t seen it already  in this particular video which is part   two of the three part series the team attempt to  communicate with whatever spirits are in the area   around three minutes into the video  they managed to capture this on camera

What looks like a ghostly apparition can be  seen in the reflection of the glass window   but the question is is this a ghost cart  on camera or just a reflection of the light   well that’s up to you to decide behind you

This next video was uploaded to  youtube in 2010 by night owl 2007.   the video shows three students who climb  down into the sewers beneath los angeles   and discover something horrifying  nice the hell does that mean

Ah you stepped on my hand yeah i’m sorry about  that there’s a cobweb right there you see it   yes let’s see these echoes dude jesus christ   i forgot how scary it was down here  i’m not pointing down the tunnel

Wow that’s right why not see how far down it goes  what do you have these ones you shake no you crack   it dude crack it there you go have you really  never used a lightsaber turn off the lights dude  

This is pretty bright comes out ha ha uh who wants  to go in there this one’s like a [ __ ] cylinder whoa even one more light down there did you  hear that you see anything yeah toss it down dude it’s not bright enough  crack it here crack the other one

That was lovely let me try to do the other one i don’t think you’re throwing  out enough light here anything uh as the three students are exploring the  sewers a loud growl can be heard echoing   through the sewer tunnels but the group seem  unfazed then is there cracking glow sticks  

To create more light the face of someone  or something can be seen standing behind   one of the students the group  spotted and run for their lives   and viewers have been left divided by this video  with some claiming it’s real and some claiming  

It’s fake but what do you think is it real or  fake let me know in the comments what is this this next creepy video has been viewed quite  a bit it’s not new however i haven’t seen it   mentioned on any other channel recently the  video was uploaded in 2010 by vicki bramshaw  

And vicki states that the short clip  was taken on holiday on her phone   camera and that is definitely not vague  but watch this and make up your own mind this is the door of the southern new gate prison  where the plunkett was in prison for eight months because his nickname  

Christian is something can be seen inside the  window to the prison door could it be a reflection   of the light or is it something paranormal leave  a comment below with your opinion the figure this creepy video comes from the  japanese ghost hunter channel suda chan  

Where he visits an abandoned house in  search of the paranormal alone or is he oh so far about it sudachan explores one of the  rooms of the abandoned house   a figure dressed in white with long dark hair  can be seen just standing there in the darkness  

Zuduchan doesn’t notice it and carries on  with his investigation creepy i see you the next creepy video comes from  tick tock user antonio delgado   30 and i’m surprised this video hasn’t  had more views as it is pretty creepy oh

As antonio is investigating his home the chair  moves out from under the table all on his own the   light starts flickering and then the pale face  of someone or something can be seen peeking out   just watching antonio what is this video real  or fake as always it’s your call what was that  

This next creepy video was  uploaded to the tit talk account   austin oh geez and it’s one that’s pretty creepy  video has been circulating on tick tock recently   and has gained over 50 million views since it  was uploaded on february the 11th this year  

There’s not much to say other than austin  takes a look inside the crack in the door   which supposedly leads through to an  abandoned hallway and gets a creepy surprise as austin takes a look inside a figure can be  seen staring early at the camera before charging  

Towards it now i don’t know if this video was real  or fake there was always you guys at the judges   did you see it this next creepy video has been shared before  however i thought i’d include it as it’s one  

That’s really creepy the youtube channel the  south cacs uploaded this video on the 13th   february 2022 when they visited america’s  most famous haunted abandoned amusement park   to conduct a paranormal investigation around  14 minutes into the video they attempt to   communicate with any spirits in the area and  capture someone or something working nearby  

So the little girl that’s here the object that  i’m holding it kind of looks like a necklace   and you’re more than welcome to touch it it just  lets me know answers to questions that i ask you   so feel free to answer as much  or as little as you would like

Do you like it here at lake shawnee captured on  camera by the southcaks a small shadowy figure   that could possibly be that of a child can be  seen moving around in the darkness behind them   at the time of recording the pair weren’t  aware of it and it was only when they viewed  

Their footage back did they realize what they had  just captured so what do you guys think did the   southcaks capture a shadow figure on camera let  me know what you think down in the comments demon this next set of clips which i put together  were taken from the youtube account  

Demon in the basement the uploader claims  that the following footage is 100 real   but as always i’ll let you be the judge but look  at that i swear to god i did not do that hand on  

Stack of bibles this was not me and i dentured  and scattered all over the dang kitchen floor   so yeah something is absolutely  going on in this place and uh and uh i thought i heard something i keep thinking  i’m seeing something in the corner of my eye

It’s getting like really  really creepy i mean i don’t all right i hope you can hear me  over the motor um that is the spot   in the living room i was telling you about i’ve  got the leak fixed but uh as you can see the tile  

Is pretty much damaged that we’re going to  get some new tile but that’s that’s one spot   and then we got another spot back here as  you can see and that’s the worst spot oh and   check this out look what i saw on the ground  that is wooden paint from there that door has  

Been sealed up it’s not i’ve not opened it since  i’ve been here because it’s been sealed it’s got   caulk and stuff but i got to get a door i’m going  to get that fixed and then of course we’ve got

The blinds that’s drooping it’s got pretty dang  hot in here that’s pretty hot but yeah man i want   to get all this fixed so i can get things set up  a contractor who originally didn’t believe in the  

Paranormal enters the house and sees that boxes  have been thrown all over the place the uploader   states that these boxes were collected from family  and friends to shred and burn in the fireplace and   were stacked up neatly prior to the contractor  arriving then as the contractor explains that he  

Thinks something is inside the property as he’s  been hearing voices and thinks he’s seen things   his hair all of a sudden he’s pulled by something  then as the man is explaining the work he’s going   to do around the property when he spins the camera  around we can see an apparition of something which  

The man claims came out of the basement door  and quote shape-shifted can be seen clearly on   camera then later in the video the apparition has  mysteriously disappeared and if you look closely   we can see the door is securely locked from the  inside so just how did this black mass appear here  

And just what is it let me know what you think  this could be down in the comments before we   move on to number one if you love watching scary  videos just as much as my current subscribers do   you should join them by subscribing to  my channel i really scary videos every  

Single week and if scary videos are your  thing make sure you subscribe right now   and hit the notification bell to be notified  as soon as i upload a new scary video crawler this next video comes from the indonesian ghost  hunter channel the wrong mystery and what follows  

Is rather creepy the team venture  out to explore an abandoned house   in search of anything paranormal  they set up a night vision camera   and they attempt to communicate with  whatever haunts the abandoned house   in absolute darkness throughout the video  they capture some strange activity dolls  

Close by themselves and creepy noises are heard  however at around 17 minutes in this happens is the man is attempting to communicate  a ghostly figure if someone can be seen   crawling towards the man the man can’t see it as  it’s pitch black recorded on a night vision camera  

The figure then inexplicably vanishes  into thin air thanks so much for watching   you can watch more scary creepy videos by  clicking on any of these videos shown on   the screen you can also follow me on instagram  at mindjunkietv or over on tiktok at mindjunkie

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