18 SCARY GHOST Videos YOU Won’t Forget

by johnsmith

Top 20 scary videos haunted first creepy video in this top  20 scary ghost videos list comes   from the paranormal investigation channel  japanese horror entertainment omagatoki film   the video has gained over 1 million views  and was uploaded on the 11th of january 2021  

However i have yet to see it featured hiro from  the magataki film channel decides to explore an   abandoned and supposedly haunted house after  receiving a call from an old friend who would   purchase a supposedly haunted property it’s  a very cheap price for the first part of the  

Video hirobe investigates his supposedly  haunted house where he hears creepy noises   however as he’s getting ready to leave he  captures something absolutely terrifying on camera thank you my oh hmm uh um uh this hero is getting ready to leave here’s  a bell sound coming from another part of the  

Abandoned house he spins around to dry pinpoint  exactly where the sound came from then the face of   someone or something can be seen eerily peeking in  from the other side of the door hero is terrified   but approaches the door cautiously but the face  quickly fades away when hiro opens the door  

There’s no one there hiro then flees the house in  absolute terror so did hiro from a magataki film   capture a ghost on camera or is it all fake tell  me what you think in the comments below the spirit the next creepy video comes from the paranormal  investigator channel louis d vlogs where he  

Ventures out to conduct a paranormal investigation  at one of the oldest graveyards in the uk   apparently the graveyard is said to be incredibly  haunted and the owners of the company that built   the titanic are buried there the locals believe  that the spirits of the people who sadly lost  

Their lives during the shipwreck haunt the old  cemetery by the creators of the titanic are   buried louie and his group explored a supposedly  haunted graveyard but nothing much really happens   the team decided to go home and review the footage  and what they found made their blood turn cold  

Around five minutes into the investigation they  had captured this on camera i just swear that   [ __ ] is like you see the shape of it not being  your grave yeah that’s what i thought is it new  

Well i don’t know if it’s in real life but it’s  because when they’re new they look like that   they’re like raise until they like level out does it taste just for the grass  to settle back down doesn’t it   it is very simply a ghostly apparition can  be seen quickly before disappearing into  

Thin air at the time of recording the team  didn’t notice the strange white mist and   were understandably shocked when they saw it  afterwards but the question is could this be   a ghost caught on camera or something else drop  a comment below with your thoughts real or fake

This next creepy video was  posted back in april 2009   and is only 21 seconds long there  isn’t much to say about the video   other than a cctv camera inside an office  called something rather creepy on camera set aside the potato quality footage a  ghostly figure dressed in white with long  

Black hair can be seen on camera the  figure appears to walk through a wall   and passes through another one before  disappearing out of view i have no idea   if this video is real or fake so as always i’ll  leave the decision in your hands did you see it

I found this next video over on facebook  uploaded by sierra rose the video was taken   at the now abandoned letchworth village asylum  when sierra her boyfriend and best friend marie   went to explore it the asylum is a hot spot  for paranormal investigators but not everyone  

Manages to catch something however when  sierra visited she called this on camera as sierra pans the camera around shadow can be  seen moving on camera it’s quite hard to see but   if you look closely there is indeed shadow moving  sierra swears that this shadow wasn’t of anyone in  

Their group that they were the only ones in that  part of the asylum at the time but what do you   think did sierra catch something paranormal on  camera let me know what you think in the window

This video was uploaded by robert k on the 12th  of october 2020 when he conducted a paranormal   investigation inside the drake load tunnels in the  uk robert says that he caught a quote ghost figure   standing in a window inside one of the tunnels  but i’ll roll the clip and i’ll let you decide  

I don’t know if we can see anything i can see right to the end of the tunnel i can hear the other guys that’s somebody in the tunnel can you see that right over here oh that’s bloody scary i saw a shadow figure

Something shaped as a person seems to be stood  in one of the windows at the end of the tunnel   robert wants towards it but gets distracted by  a creepy thing hanging from the ceiling however   when he looks back at the window bigger has  disappeared so is this a ghost figure caught  

On camera as robert states or is it staged let  me know your thoughts down below reflection this next video comes from the ghost hunter  channel franco tv where he explores a haunted   mausoleum at night alone or so he thought i  i’m gonna make my way back to the room just to

Just oh doesn’t that look  like a shadow look at the door that literally looks like a shadow that’s like the reflection of  the other side of this wall oh my god i’m sorry i have to stop saying that but holy crap i saw a shadow i think i saw a shadow

That actually looked like a person but  literally the shadow was coming from this door   like it was reflecting this wall it  was literally reflecting this wall   oh my god i’m just so freaked out by that  but literally there was like that just pay  

Attention to this because i don’t even know  how to explain this this is like a lot of math   look at this door but not the door the  reflection see that reflection there of the tombs   those are these tombs here okay and it was  literally right freaking here all right i’m  

Gonna leave now you guys have a good i don’t i  don’t know how you would actually depart goodbye now i i think i did it right if i didn’t  say goodbye the right way i don’t know  

What else it could save for that but i did it  and it’s already gonna be four in the morning and i gotta get some sleep  because tomorrow is my last okay stop stop stop stop oh my god as frank is filming the entrance door  to a private part of the mausoleum shadowy figures  

Reflection can be seen in one of the door windows  frank wanders around outside to check to see whose   shadow it was or there’s no one around frank  can be seen sitting inside the mausoleum where   he attempts to communicate with any spirits  lurking inside then a chair mysteriously moves  

All by itself startling the life out of frank when  frank gets up to look no one is around frank kept   this video private for some time until receiving  permission from the owners of the mausoleum who   were apparently shocked by the footage frank had  filmed but what do you think did franco tv capture  

Ghostly footage at this haunted mausoleum or is  it all fake as always it’s your call the shadow this video comes from the paranormal  investigator channel dark arts   the 12th of may 2022 carl and fellow explorers  high times exploring in sam and jess is it an  

Abandoned house frozen in time located somewhere  in belgium the group started by checking out   the abandoned and supposedly haunted house and  kyle decides to record some b-roll cinematics   and captures this on camera i’ve just looked  back on my footage no joke there’s a shadow

Some kind of shadow figure but  it was really weird it was like   going across that was mad shadow can be seen  moving on the wall behind the stairs carl   is adamant that this footage is legit and his  viewers have been left stumped by this capture  

What do you think this is is it something  paranormal let me know your thoughts a lurker this next video comes from the paranormal  investigation channel drena and mike’s paranormal   adventures the creepy clip you’re about to see  was filmed inside an abandoned and supposedly  

Haunted house and drina and mike accompanied  by their friend john conducted a paranormal   investigation in an attempt to communicate with  any spirits that may reside in the property   video starts out with a group asking several  questions while observing their ghost hunting   devices for any indication of a presence  throughout their investigation they captured  

Several evp recordings and at one point trina  felt as if someone had just touched her however   around 31 minutes into the video they might  have actually captured the culprit on camera for a couple of seconds the shadowy figure can  be seen walking in another room drena mike and  

John were the only three people in the building  so just who or what is this you be the judge what   was that this next video comes from the channel  exploring with fighters where he visits the   abandoned coco chanel mansion located somewhere  in scotland dan from exploring with fighters  

Claims he called a quote real ghost  while visiting this mansion and that   is the first time in four years that he’s ever  actually captured legitimate proof of a ghost   well after watching the video  it definitely seems like he did  

Still going off okay thank you so much if that is  you setting the cat ball off if you can do one of   the other devices i will be so impressed that’s  all i want one of the other devices you’ve played  

With the cat ball now you can make these ones  light up if you can please that’d be brilliant you’ll make my day if you set  one of the other devices off oh cat ball again catwall’s going off come on i  know you like the cat ball i’ll tell you what to  

Set the other one off there’s another cat ball  on the other side please can you set that off i’ll be so impressed if you  can switch to the other one okay let’s let’s ask some questions like  this right the cat ball’s still going off

Let’s try this down if you want me to  stay set one of the other devices off if you want me to leave set the devices off i’ll repeat that if you want me to leave you don’t  like me being here set one of the devices off  

Okay i’m gonna pause it right here who saw it  take another look you don’t like me being here   set one of the devices off i’ll repeat that if you want me to leave  you don’t like me being here set one of  

The devices off i’ll repeat that if you want  me to leave and you don’t like me being here   set one of the devices off a cat ball continuously  flashes meaning that something must be touching it   then something white can be seen inexplicably  appearing outside the door to the room dancing  

The camera begins to blur and then the white thing  pauses for a second or two before disappearing   through the floor danny’s adamant that this  footage is 100 real but what do you think is this   a real ghost caught on camera as dan claims drop  a comment below with your opinion the apparition

This next creepy video was uploaded in 2009 to the  youtube channel light h6 there isn’t much to say   about the video other than light h6 states in the  description of the video that one of his or her  

Friends got freaked out by a quote real ghost that  blew through the building and the door was slapped   oh jesus christ what oh my god what emily what’s wrong are you all right he just said did i see that

A ghostly figure can be seen appearing in  the glass door one of the women spots it   and begins to freak out figure then fades  away as if it was never there now judging   by the people’s reactions in the video  i can’t help but feel that this video is  

Scripted but either way it’s still kind  of creepy poltergeist activity the next   creepy video was uploaded to youtube in  2017 like the previous video there isn’t   much to say about it other than a cctv camera  inside a store captured some strange activity

A package of crisps mysteriously falls off a  shelf then another packet crashes to the floor a   cooler door swings open and a drink falls out and  onto the floor while the cooler door closes shut   somehow all by itself the camera blurs a little  and then the second chris packet moves a little  

Before a third packet mysteriously falls  off on two floor then a shadow with figure   can be seen running at rapid speed from  the lower right of the screen to the left   now i have no idea if this video is real or fake  so as always the decision is yours the watcher

I found this next video over on  tick tock uploaded by fernando   victor rowley fernando works as a security  guard at a depot for old and retired trains   fernando regularly uploads videos  of his patrols and one night   he and two other guards were patrolling the  depot when he caught something creepy on camera

Someone or something can be seen  in one of the train door windows   staring at fernando as he walks by figure  just stands there motionless and fernando   doesn’t even notice it the train that this  figure is seen on has apparently been out  

Of service for years and no one should  be on board creepy it’s watching you this next video comes from the japanese ghost  hunter channel verification of the psyche of fear   mtv where he visits an abandoned car factory late  at night to conduct a paranormal investigation  

The factory is dilapidated and falling  apart but that doesn’t deter the ghost   hunter from exploring he spends a while  investigating the factory but at around   the six minute mark he captures  something rather creepy on camera foreign no no no

Something can be seen floating out from behind  one of the walls of the abandoned factory   the ghost hunter doesn’t notice it then as  he takes a look out of a window to find a   connecting route to the other part of the factory  a dark figure can be seen in one of the windows  

But when he pans the camera back bigger is  no longer there so could this be something   paranormal or is it fake tell me what you  think in the comments below behind you jay and rosa maria are a brazilian investigator  couple similar to the amazing ed and lorraine  

Warren they run a channel called hunting ghosts  brazil and have been making a name for themselves   over there one day the couple were driving home  when they decided to stop for something to eat   while a couple were eating a man recognized them  and asked them to go to the cultural center of  

Torres based in rio grande du sol brazil the  place is known to harbour paranormal activity   and sightings of ghosts another strange phenomena  have been regularly documented the couple   start by interviewing employees who work in the  building and who have had reported seeing these  

Ghosts they then investigate the building during  the day and then decide to return in the evening   accompanied by a man who knows the building  well and can help guide them around it later   the three of them meet the security guard  who works the night shift at the building  

Rosa begins by asking him about the  building then all of a sudden this happens walking behind them rosa jay the guide and the  security guard were the only ones in the building   at the time this footage was recorded and not one  of them noticed a figure walking in the background  

The couple had only noticed what they had caught  when a follower of theirs alerted them to it   after video had been published but what do you  think is this a ghost caught on camera let me know   what is this

This next creepy video has been shared before  video was uploaded to the tit talk account   kid us underscore too solid and show  something rather difficult to explain out of nowhere a figure appears and then  walks through a parking lot before the van  

Drove passed there was no one there but after it  goes by the person can be seen strange the rake this next creepy video comes from the youtube  channel aldo’s world tv and has left viewers   scratching their heads the video has gained  over half a million views since it was published  

On the 12th of april 2020 it shows ardo and  his friend using a drone above a forest the   forest is nicknamed the rake forest as regular  sightings of the rake a humanoid type figure   have been reported by dog walkers and other  people who have ventured deep into the forest  

Aldo’s world flies the drone for a bit until they  see this pay attention to this area right here   you’re right there right there where right  there right there there’s like something   inside i think it’s a coyote  there’s like something in the trees  

Right there you see it it’s right there it’s right  there it’s like moving it’s right in front of you   right there oh [ __ ] it’s moving right this isn’t  it i’m sorry wait it doesn’t look like a coyote what the heck is that

Yo what is that that looks so weird try to try  to see if you can go up to it bro what is that   that is so weird what is that bro that  is not a coyote definitely not a bear

You see it right definitely see it bro that’s so  weird it’s white look how it’s moving one second   i gotta try to like looks like it’s scavenging  i’m trying to get closer to it but yo this is  

The biggest l in the world bro i’m gonna break  my drone yeah okay try not to break it but you   saw that right it was like where’d it go was  it still there i don’t see it there it is oh  

What is that oh my god what is that what is that  well it has like a a weird like like a weird head   look at it the head looks so weird okay wait i’m  gonna try to get closer what kind of animal is  

That i’m gonna dummy this freaking watch out  watch out one sec i have to go higher watch   okay sometimes it goes so quick but you have to  bear right there right you see it what the heck  

Is that i don’t think that’s it no it’s right  there it’s moving it looks like some kind of   ape i don’t know but it’s white oh there it is  oh [ __ ] what the hell we see how it’s moving

What the heck is that give me i’m going to try  to get a little closer trying to go closer here   but this is weird look how it’s moving one second okay i’m so scared right now i’m going to ruin it   bro it looks like some kind  of an ape but it’s white

Go a little closer the camera look how  many trees there i know it’s kind of risky   hold on do you think it’s sauce   looks like it’s probably not that smart i  think there’s a water right out right behind it  

Oh i think it’s like chilling by the water is that  water right there yeah water yeah that’s water what the heck is it doing okay bro that  doesn’t look like an animal bro what is that   wait disappeared looks like it’s building a habitat or something  

I don’t know like a nest or something yeah  looks like he’s making a nest bro what is that i don’t think i’ll go any closer than that  man you don’t want to risk it don’t worry i  

Should go through the brush yeah i think it’s  sauce i think it’s sauce no is this standing   i don’t know what it’s doing i don’t think it’s lost bro it’s moving so weird i wish it was audio on this  drone man so we can hear yeah  

As the pair are flying the drone they notice  something moving in the trees fly closer to   get a better view and what looks like a  humanoid figure can be seen but is this   the rake that has been so widely reported  by people as always it’s your call dragged  

This next creepy video was uploaded back  in 2011 and is titled real paranormal ghost   attacks me video was recorded on  an indoor home security camera   shows something terrifying happening to the person sound is heard in the background and the man turns  his head to see where it came from he gets up to  

Check and then something violently knocks him  off his feet drags him across the floor creepy   lady of the lake ghost hunting channel mind seed tv uploaded  this next video on the 3rd of june this year   casey and colton venture out to explore a small  house located somewhere in southern georgia the  

Owners of the property contacted mindsetv  and explained that they think something   evil is haunting their beloved home apparently the  previous owners had relationship problems one day   the wife of the family disappeared without a  trace several weeks later the wife’s lifeless  

Body was found in the lake the current owners  go on to explain that they’ve witnessed several   mysterious things happening around their haunted  home objects would move by themselves doors were   slammed shut and each time something like this  would happen armies of pests would swarm the  

Area where the paranormal activity had occurred  casey and colton investigate the haunted house   and what they found made casey almost  quit the mindset tv channel all together all right we’re here to communicate with you and  i’m not sure who is present here but whatever  

Entity is here can you please communicate  with us through this device in my hand we can use your energy and we can turn that into  words if you would like to speak to us right now   is there anything you’d like to tell

Us were you coming or were you leaving if you’re  the one that left that door open right there enter enter i remember saying to  colton i wonder if it was something   coming in or going out and as soon as i said  that the obvious triggers a word and says enter  

Were you coming or were you leaving if you’re  the one that left that door open right there   enter enter they were in and now they’re out or  they were outside and now they’re inner i i’m   unsure really so they came from inside does  that mean they came from inside or are they  

They’re in her now are you in here now did you  come inside i don’t understand what that means yeah i don’t know weird is this something you would like to  tell us or the owners of this house wherever your presence is you can  talk to us scan what does that mean

Maybe scan the house maybe   what is it actually asking us to scan right now something broke and the chair just moved oh my  god that chair just moved right there the second   we walk out of the room i hear what sounds like  a glass break and then all of a sudden it sounds  

Like dragging furniture across the tile floor  what is it actually asking us to scan right now oh what just happened a chair got pushed  over papers flew out colton was right   behind me with his camera we both captured  it i know that colton got part of it but i  

Know i got all of it on my cell phone  actually asking us to scan right now and people say oh well you know maybe  it was a cut maybe it was edit listen  

There is no way we could pull something like that  off when there’s just two of us in the house i can   assure you we were the only ones on this location  what is it actually asking us to scan right now oh what just [ __ ] happened something  broke and the chair just moved ugh

I have no idea dude supply plane it’s going nuts right now too area my hand is shaking bro something  broke look at all this glass no i think it was in the kitchen yeah as we  approached the kitchen i noticed that there was  

Glass all over the floor um it looked like maybe  a wine glass or something yep we got glass in here there’s glass everywhere in here roach is a big ass roach yeah these people said that anytime they’ve experienced  any kind of strange paranormal activity within  

The home there’s like an increase in like  pest activity as well they said that one   time the sink was full of maggots when there was  noises and whispers happening within the house   they’ve said they have frogs they have black racer  snakes they have spiders cockroaches maggots all  

These things they’ve experienced before i’ve  never heard of anything like this before   but i found it very very strange that the  moment we picked up something running through   or running past the kitchen there’s just six or  seven roaches crawling all over the countertop  

I can’t make it up i don’t know how to explain  it but it felt evil it felt weird i don’t like   this at all i told you i didn’t like the way  this place felt the minute we got here bro

There’s papers all over the floor over here yeah i  saw something move over here after the chair slid   it’s almost like something came through here you  know what i’m saying like the chair moved and then   over here went flying i’m  positive i got that on the camera sketchy bro everything out here man

Like that right there like why does it have  to come right up to the edge of the woods   what the end of this down there oh yeah i know what is your name there was some phrases coming through a couple  words honestly it was hard for me to focus on  

Because it was horrifyingly scary in there already  and then we were both startled by a loud slam my first reaction was to mute the spirit box so  i muted the spirit box and we were just listening  

For a moment trying to see if we could hear maybe  another one or like any kind of follow-up noises i can’t explain to you what emotionally  and mentally went on there it was like   everything that i had a choice of to think  about shut off an instinct just kicked in

Everything around us was rumbling it felt like   the whole barn or stall was gonna  get lifted off of the ground i’m telling you right now i’m over it dude let’s leave dude yeah the second  case he makes it back with the   spirit box there’s one second of  silence and then crash let’s go

This sounded like someone cannonballed  into the [ __ ] lake that’s the only   way that i could explain it it was  loud there was base to it let’s go tell me you heard that dude it’s always  something to the cannonball there’s no way do   that and the one place that we  hadn’t really investigated yet  

Was the lake as casey and colton are filming in  the living area of the home a loud glass shutters   the chair moves inexplicably all on its own pieces  of paper can be seen floating around then when the  

Pair are outside using the evp device in the  stables a loud crashing sound is heard coming   from somewhere in the darkness pair them flee  the stables in fear but it doesn’t end there   it gets worse fact much worse the pair decided  to use a ouija board outside right by the lake  

Where the woman’s body was found and yep you  guessed it it turned out to be a very bad idea is there more than one of you here can you give us an initial can you give  us your name can you give us anything

When we looked out to the lake  to see what was making this noise i could see what clearly looked  like to me i mean crystal clear   the top of like a woman’s head  peeking at us out of the water i could see eyes i could see  hair i could see wet hair  

You have no idea what it’s like to  experience that type of thing and so   without even a second thought or look or guest  or asking each other’s opinion we were gone we ran i don’t care what the critics say  i don’t care what people at home saying  

It was [ __ ] scary it’s by far the scariest  thing that i’ve ever seen with my own eyes casey and colton used the ouija board in  an attempt to communicate with whatever is   haunting the family’s home then splashing lake  is heard the pair turn their heads towards the  

Water and then a pale white face with wet hair  can be seen peeking at them out of the water   casey assures his view is that this footage  they captured is one hundred percent legit   and that it was only the two of them  present on the property at the time  

But what do you think did the mind see tv  team capture evidence of the evil presence   much for watching you can watch more scary creepy  videos by clicking on any of these videos shown   on the screen you can also follow me on instagram  mindjunkietv or over on tick tock at mindjunkie you

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