10 SCARY Videos That Are Circulating The Internet Right NOW!

by johnsmith

Top 10 scary videos pulled the first video for today is a short  video that was posted on reddit the user who uploaded the video asks am  i overreacting or is there something here  

And well i’ll let you guys be the judges on that  the video i’m about to play was recorded at 3am it   shows a clip of a two-year-old child who’s asleep  in his bed when all of a sudden this happens

Something seems to grip the sleeping child and  pull him by the legs the time of the incident   the father of the child was at work when the  baby monitor was triggered due to movement   and the baby crying and when he opened up  the video on his phone to check what was  

Going on at home he was clearly horrified  credit users have suggested the child was   definitely pulled by something and that  he should get his house blessed asap   but what do you guys think is this clip reel  or fake as always it’s your call poltergeist

I found these next two videos on tik tok  uploaded by the user ongan135 as with a   lot of tiktok videos there isn’t much to say but  what is clear is that the video was recorded on   an indoor cctv camera inside  a hospital somewhere in korea

Captured on the hospital cctv camera we can see  a wheelchair moving all by itself and caught on   another camera objects inside one of the hospitals  corridors can be seen flying across the room like   something out of a poltergeist movie now i don’t  know if this video is real or fake so as always  

I’ll leave it up to you to decide in the doorway  this next creepy video comes from the facebook   user sonic master look and joshua look and what  follows is rather creepy masha and joshua claim   they are haunted by something evil and  i’ve uploaded numerous videos with some  

Really terrifying encounters paranormal activity  happens regularly around their home and some of   their videos have been featured on other channels  however i have yet to see this one uploaded on   the 12th of october 2021 masha can be seen in her  kitchen alone with her children or so she thought yes m

Captured on camera by one of the children who was  filming at the time a dark figure can be seen just   standing there motionless however a few seconds  before when the camera panned past the doorway   no one was there and a few seconds after we  see the shadow figure the camera pans past  

The doorway again and the figure has vanished  so did soymasher look and joshua look capture   a shadow figure on camera let me know what  you think in the comments below real or fake   this next video was taken from the tick tock  account j mililo 165 there’s not much to say  

Other than the video was captured on a hospital  cctv camera and has left commenters divided from here no way no way jim send me the video when you oh i’m gonna be  scary but that’s when the other one comes over

It’s like it didn’t want to see  the front of it you know yeah fund one no the second one’s moving  now no way that’s the second one   any second it happens look here it happens  this does not happen look there’s a ghost

There’s no i don’t care if it’s bolted or not they  don’t spend like that mind game bolted in my house   mine don’t come and walk around my face look  at this that’s true look look how that one  

Just came out how’d it come out like that  that was pushed out i don’t even know what   it said you could do whatever you want me  too i can’t wait to show everybody look here a trolley somehow mysteriously moves all on his  own and hospital staff look obviously confused  

Then on another recording we can see the washing  machines in the utility room slide around   while the staff viewing the footage sounds  shocked by what they’re seeing we all know   how heavy one of these machines are and the  fact that there’s two stacked on top of each  

Other that effortlessly move around on their own  makes this clip even more strange the original   uploader states that both these recordings are  100 authentic however the comment section of   this video is filled with skeptics voicing their  opinions but what do you think is this evidence  

Of something paranormal or is it fake let me  know your thoughts down in the comments peekaboo tick-tock user bailly owns a theater that is   apparently haunted and occasionally  uploads clips of paranormal activity   occurring inside theatre in this particular  clip which i had to mute for copyright issues  

Bailey claims that he’s finally caught more  footage and i must say it’s pretty creepy this is backstage can’t see it very well but um what look guys holy i’m turning the lights on is bailey  pants the camera a dark figure can be seen peeking  

His head out before quickly ducking away bailey  claims he didn’t even see the shadow figure when   he filmed this video and it was only when viewers  pointed it out did he realize what he had just   captured so what do you guys think did bayley  capture a ghost on camera that haunts his theater  

Tell me what you think in the comments if you’re  enjoying this episode so far all i ask is that   you please like this video and comment something  below to help get this video out doing so will  

Help more people see it and it allows me to keep  bringing you guys more free content that you don’t   have to pay for unlike netflix please smash that  like button and drop a comment below the tenant this next creepy clip has been shared before  

However i thought i’d include it as it contains  some pretty compelling footage the video which is   only 30 seconds long was recorded on an indoor  cctv camera inside reddit user ryman 8’s home   one night while the property was vacant someone  or something can be seen moving around on camera

The sound of a door can be heard closing  shut and then a ghostly apparition which   looks like a person can be seen moving on  camera footsteps and the sound of rummaging   are then heard and then the house  alarm is set off but the question is  

Is this video real or fake as  always it’s dark hall haunted this next set of creepy clips were  recently uploaded by tick tock user   dino nuggets 741 i featured several of dino  nuggets videos from one of my previous episodes   so if you haven’t seen that i’ll  leave a link to that video in  

The description in this set of clips that  i put together dino nuggets shows us more   footage of whatever supposedly haunts his  home and it’s enough to give you nightmares no no no no no no what do you want get  out of my house man the do you want

Got to get out of my house man get out of my house uh i just want to talk man man stupid i don’t know what the point of this is um oh [ __ ] oh my god no no no no  no no no come on yeah we should go stay behind me

No no no no no no stay close to me it was it’s winter time all right we’re gonna make a run for it at 3 19 in the morning also known as witching hour  dino nuggets is awoken by whispering and strange  

Sounds coming from somewhere in his bedroom  then a shadow quickly moves across the screen   before slowly growing in size dino nuggets flees  a room but goes back to check when he enters the   bathroom the loud noise is heard causing him to  flee in terror then on another day dino nuggets is  

Down in the basement where he hears strange noises  he switches the light off and investigates bravely   with just a flashlight he then hears noises  and calls out and a dark figure can be seen   moving out a few on another night dino nuggets  leaves his home but keeps the camera rolling  

Stating that if he’s not there then the activity  won’t happen however when he leaves the door to   the basement mysteriously opens on its own and a  dark figure can be seen opposite the basement door   peeking out before slowly ducking away the tap  turns on by itself and the camera begins moving  

Before crashing to the ground as if something  we can’t see has knocked it off in another clip   daryl nuggets is relaxing with his stepson when a  loud bang suddenly startles them creepy laughter   and crying can be heard coming from the other  side of the house and then as they take a look  

The shadowy figure can be seen just standing  there in the darkness as the pair venture down   to the basement they hear creepy laughter and  crying again and if they’re looking around a dark   figure is seen again just standing there watching  them skeptics have unsurprisingly flooded dino  

Nuggets comment section with their own opinions  after watching these videos with many claiming   they’re staged but whether they’re real or fake  that’s up to you to be the judge the estate agent to finish off for this week’s episode of scary  videos i thought i’d really kick things up a  

Notch the next scary video you’re about to  see isn’t real however it’s one that’s really   caught my attention the video was uploaded  to the channel no sleep and is an insanely   terrifying short horror film now i must warn you  when i watch this for the fourth time it’s still  

Made my soul leave my body without spoiling too  much of the video an estate agent records a short   film for potential buyers inside a property  they are trying to sell it’s not a long video   but it’ll certainly give you a good fright enjoy  hi this is stephanie miller with freedom realty  

And today we’re going to be taking a look at  2496 valley ridge in san antonio texas let’s   go check it out come on the house is a four  bedroom two bath and roughly 1500 square feet   over here we have the living area and  a dining room and then behind me to my  

Right you’ll see a small study also used as  an office area or maybe a children’s playroom hello is there anybody here me stephanie films the house when a figure can be  seen just standing there in a hallway staring   right at stephanie stephanie spots  it and calls out but gets no reply  

The door creepily closes on its own and then the  attic steps fall down by themselves stephanie   approaches the steps with caution when the sound  of a door opening can be heard behind her and when   she turns the camera around the face of something  evil can be seen directly in front stephanie it  

Then drags her up into the attic and the video  ends there you can watch this short horror film   again and many other films just like it over on  the youtube channel no sleep it’s in your room  

Like the previous video this one is another shot  or a film the video was uploaded by youtube user   eddie edits and it is horrifying the video is  roughly four minutes long and not much happens  

Other than a man is trying to sleep when he hears  strange noises inside his room and causes him to   become nervous he looks around his room with  his flashlight but no one’s there or is there do okay

Strange noises can be heard coming from somewhere  in the man’s room he suspects he’s coming from his   closet however when he shines his flashlight  towards it nothing seems out of the ordinary   but towards the end of the video the closet doors  have somehow opened by themselves the manchester’s  

Light up there but no one’s there he then turns  to his right and a horrifying face pops up   right in front of him before we move on to number  one if you love watching scary videos just as much  

As my current subscribers do you should join them  by subscribing to my channel i really scary videos   every single week and if scary videos are your  thing make sure you subscribe right now and hit   the notification bell to be notified as soon  as i upload a new scary video say your prayers

This scary video is by the short horror channel  true horror stories pov and it’s one to give you   a good scare now like all the videos i feature  from this channel when i originally watch them  

I do have a heart attack and the same goes for  this video too in this video a woman has been   instructed by her parents to spend the evening  praying but instead she chooses to watch videos  

On her ipad her parents come in several times to  check on her and each time she pretends that she   is praying anyway without spoiling any more for  you i’ll just roll the clip and say good luck oh foreign know uh oh the father suspects his daughter isn’t  praying is instructed and then footsteps  

Are heard approaching the woman pretends to  pray but when she turns her head to the side   the face of someone or something appears  right in front of her she jumps back in   fear and the figure eerily appears again by  the door creepy thanks so much for watching  

You can watch more scary creepy videos by  clicking on any of these videos shown on   the screen you can also follow me on instagram  at mindjunkietv or over on tiktok at mindjunkie

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