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Top 10 scary videos in the window the first scary video for today is a scary tic top video uploaded by jose garcia iba and has left viewers terrified well now while jose was relaxing in his home he began to see a strange but creepy sounds coming from his bathroom

He grabs his phone and decides to investigate foreign As jose approaches the bathroom door knocks can be heard and then the bathroom door mysteriously swings open all on his own the voice of someone can be heard and jose charges in the bathroom but no one’s there confused by the fact he could hear knocks and voices from inside the

Bathroom and that the bathroom door swung open on his own but no one was there jose takes another look and then what looks like a woman dressed in red with an expressionless face and glowing eyes can be seen staring in through an open window but when jose takes another

Look there’s no one there creepy did you see it this next scary video was uploaded to youtube in 2019 and what follows is rather creepy man who uploaded this video claims his house is haunted by a quote ghost girl and one night when he returned home from

Work at 3 am he began hearing creepy noises coming from his kitchen and begins filming Is Foreign Himself explaining his reasons for filming a figure can be seen momentarily in the background then on another night the man hear strange noises again at 3am when he investigates his room someone or something can be seen ducking down behind his bed at the time of recording the man didn’t

Notice it but when he played his footage back he was understandably horrified so what do you guys think is this video real or fake let me know your thoughts down in the comments peekaboo the scary video clip comes from the channel omni supreme 94. the scary video

Clip was taken on a mobile phone camera by a security guard named francisco or jada who heard a disturbance coming from one of the bathrooms whilst he was on night shift watch closely my mom is Way Love it as francisco investigates one of the bathrooms something can be seen peeking out from behind a wall before ducking away set aside the potato quality footage you can clearly see a white face staring directly at francisco while he’s yelling in fear but is this video real or fake

As always it’s your call in the basement this scary video was uploaded to youtube seven years ago by the user chris ramirez there’s not much to say other than chris is down in the basement where he had previously spotted a quote ghost of a little girl when he starts hearing

Strange sounds and starts recording yeah man i’m recording this video because i need you guys to be my [ __ ] witness [ __ ] people told me this place was haunted and i was like no it’s not it’s not [ __ ] honey there ain’t no such thing and my dumb asses i’ve been

Hearing it all [ __ ] night man i’m getting scared out of my mind last time i seen the little girl she was over there behind that little dollhouse man you guys got to come with me and check down [ __ ] scared you guys gotta be my witnesses dude get scared out of my mind

There’s nothing back there man i don’t know why i [ __ ] agreed to do it creepy ass doll [ __ ] weird-ass people [ __ ] scared as hell man as chris is investigating the basement the head of someone or something with long dark hair peeks out and then the video cuts there

This is only one of two videos on chris ramirez’s channel and nothing has been heard of him since six years ago if you’re enjoying this episode so far all i ask is that you please like this video and comment something below to help get this video out doing so will

Help more people see it and it allows me to keep bringing you guys more free content that you don’t have to pay for unlike netflix please smash that like button and drop a comment below shadow figure this next scary video has been shared before however it’s one that really

Creeps me out the scary paranormal video is taken from the mexican paranormal investigator channel chriselle luna chrisall ventures out to conduct a paranormal investigation of an abandoned house in the state of michoacan mexico the house is abandoned and there have been numerous reports and witness accounts of sightings of the ghostly

Apparition of an old lady who supposedly died inside the house missile goes on to explain that the backstory of this old lady is that she grew up in this house and spent her whole life there until she died the house is abandoned and falling apart but that doesn’t deter gracel from

Investigating she starts off by filming the house from the outside and captures this on camera is foreign Is filming the outside of the abandoned and supposedly haunted house a shadowy figure can be seen moving around inside one of the windows you can clearly see a shadow of someone or something moves slowly and silently back and forth but grisel doesn’t notice it so what do you guys think

Did chris luna capture evidence of the old lady who supposedly haunts his abandoned house or is it all fake tell me what you think in the comments below invisible in this scary video clip taken on cctv in chicago peru something unexplainable happens a camera outside a nightclub

Records a woman being attacked by a quote ghost when she tried to enter a different part of the area watch closely Applications woman is falls to the ground by something invisible and in terror she crawls backwards away from whatever had just attacked her a group of men rushed to her safety but even they don’t see what had attacked her now i must mention this scary video was

Uploaded by a law firm named rg and associates and this is the only paranormal activity video they’ve uploaded but whether it’s real or fake i’ll leave it up to you guys to decide knock knock This next scary video has been making rounds on tick tock user amiga 44 uploaded this scary tiktok video at the beginning of 2021 omega claims his house is haunted he’s been hearing noises and voices around his house for several nights in a row one evening omega is fast asleep when

He’s awoken by a loud bang and starts recording okay so i was in my room i just heard a loud ass bang and i know i have to record this so someone can believe me hello that’s my sister’s dog um what the [ __ ] that dude okay so i’ve been hearing noises again

And i don’t know what the [ __ ] is going on i’m gonna turn some [ __ ] lights on because people tell me i need to do that [ __ ] so i’m going to no it’s just What the [ __ ] that knots can be heard coming from his kitchen omega goes to check and everything looks clear then a loud not comes from his door but no one’s there he goes back to the kitchen and all the covers have somehow opened all by themselves then a loud knock is heard

And omega runs away in terror on another night omega hears the noises again he checks his house but it all looks clear however when he walks away the door behind him mysteriously opens all on his own before slowly closing by itself ghosts of the adobe deli this scary video comes from the popular

Paranormal investigation channel the paranormal files and what follows is rather creepy colin and jeff from the paranormal files visit the haunted adobe deli in deming new mexico which is known to harbor extreme paranormal activity and the owner states that he personally knows more than 700 people who have experienced some sort of paranormal

Activity at the adobe delhi witnesses including staff members have heard seen and felt unexplainable things happen to them which has understandably left them terrified during the first part of the paranormal files investigation of the haunted adobe delhi they capture strange activity on their devices and even a door rattles all on its own

As if someone was trying to open it but there’s no one else in the building other than them jeff films on something called an sls motion camera which is a rig composing of the xbox kinect camera and ghost hunters sometimes use this setup to see spirits that are visible to the human

Eye the sls camera then displays the spirit as a stick skeletal figure on a screen around an hour and 19 minutes into the video they capture something rather unexplainable on the sls camera if you’re here with us can you come in from that room over here

Step towards the red ball the red light yeah that’s right thank you can you keep stepping towards that red ball that red light oh gosh okay what was that okay well that sounded do you know what that sounded like it sounded like you came from a kitchen area

Are you over there in the kitchen here he’s supposed to be over the corner over here right when he turned around what do you not like that we left that room oh oh okay get it on there okay that’s the dude that’s where the shadow man is supposed to be

Oh no that’s the lion it’s tragic Come on what the hell are you one of the people that was hanging from dude no that’s like toward it that is not hanging it’s crawling but here’s the actual dude it’s crawling on the wall look at this oh oh man look at my arms quick see him oh my god

What the hell dude they’re following us it’s both of them it’s dancing on the board all three oh my god that is like the most we’ve ever seen oh man i feel holy [ __ ] he’s killing it too oh look at this like it’s on the resting and contorting look at this

Oh my god look at the hell okay can you guys get what do you want to ask can you can you stand on the bar that’s like somebody likes passed out here or something like you know drinking yeah i don’t know what the hell i’m looking at but it is freaky oh look

At it oh it’s crawling again it’s crawling it’s going for the balcony oh oh oh knock the other one out watch the howl look at it it’s not attacking the other one it’s above us it’s on the balcony what the look at that look at the thing

It’s like interacting with the other one look at that they’re like holding hands but look at it look at it it’s reaching it’s like pulling on it okay what the hell oh okay oh what is this i i’ve never seen anything like this whoa can the other one come back show

Yourself if there’s more of you it looks like they’re like sitting at the bar you know what is this top one i don’t get it i’ve never seen anything like that i haven’t either i just feel creeped down here for some reason oh wait a second what’s going on here if

You’re over there by the bar can you move a glass or one of the chairs or slam something let us know that you’re over there it’s just this one look at it knocked one and knocked it what who what is going on remember the balcony they were talking

About the balcony dude what the bloody [ __ ] am i looking at i don’t know i’m just gonna keep i’m gonna stay on here okay can you if you’re on the balcony can you come down to the bar stool come down to the barstool please i don’t know what the that’s the length

Of the bar look at it’s beyond my screen oh a different place too and in the back oh my i am feeling like totally my hairs again are on end dude i don’t know that there’s a sound back there can you move another one down there on

The bottom now oh were you off yeah it was down here look at this oh crawling okay i think i’m still here so eerie we gotta stay here because there’s more here okay all of you guys show up you’re fine to show up on here let’s and you can see

It’s not hurting you and look at that little one it’s so weird i’m gonna just try this can you knock one of those bottles of liquor off the shelf well the other one the other one showed up right when i asked about the shelves yeah okay it’s a party free round

Anyone that shows up it’s a free round of drinks it’s a free round time to get a drink oh another one on the top of the balcony okay how what do you want whiskey we got a lot of whiskey ask some questions for the voice okay can you give us one of your

Names oh look at the one on the balkan he got i mean it’s unbelievable tell me one of your names look they all left oh no look at now it’s back down here i’m recording that is unbelievable disappeared one of their cat balls starts flashing indicating that something is touching it

And then a voice which is hard to make out can be heard colin then starts to feel weird and mentions he feels an energy shift jeff however continues to film with the sls camera and while he’s pointing the camera at a bookshelf he picks up a figure on his sls motion camera crawling

On the wall before disappearing they realize something is showing itself to them and decide to move into the next room then as jeff is filming the bar area he captures two then three figures on the sls camera two disappear before eventually reappearing on camera all of a sudden a fourth figure appears

And then unbelievably a fifth shows itself which is something i personally have never seen before so did colin and jeff capture spirits that haunt the adobe delhi in new mexico or is it all just camera tricks drop a comment with your thoughts below don’t sleep this next very scary video isn’t real

However it is terrifying and when i watch this scary video for the first time i did have a heart attack so i thought i’d be nice and include it for you guys the scary video is from the channel j horror story and shows a girl who has repeatedly been woken up by

Shadow figures standing staring at her from the end of her bed terrified by this she meets a friend in the park to ask him for advice on what she should do he says he’s been seeing them too and that there is nothing to worry about the girl goes home to sleep for the

Night but he’s once again awoken by someone and gets the fright of her life enjoy Getting okay Oh girl is woken by the sound of footsteps and when she looks around a shadow figure can be seen but when she turns the light off the figure is vanished then on another night she’s awoken by footsteps approaching her bed and she sees a shadow figure standing in the corner of her room

Terrified she turns on her phone light but the figure has vanished again but appears in another part of the room then as she pans the camera to the end of her bed the figure lunges at her causing her to scream in terror before we move on to number one if you

Love watching scary videos just as much as my current subscribers do you should join them by subscribing to my channel i release scary videos every single week and if scary videos are your thing make sure you subscribe right now and hit the notification bell to be notified as soon

As i upload a new scary video Keep the light off the final scary video for today comes from the youtube channel true horror stories pov and i must say it’s absolutely terrifying for those of you who are regular viewers of my channel know exactly what’s coming but for those of you who don’t let me

Explain the youtube channel true horror stories pov upload reenacted footage of people’s terrifying experiences which are supposedly real the video itself however is performed by actors but to encounter something like this in real life is enough to give you nightmares without spoiling any of the video for you

A woman can be seen praying when all of a sudden she’s interrupted by the sound of her cats fighting mickey maggie hey oh be ugh see uh hello Uh ah is me something quickly passes the woman then when the woman and her husband are in bed she switches the light off and she’s about to drift off to sleep he’s woken by the sound of her cats fighting but when she turns the light on a horrifying face can be seen staring

Eerily at the woman creepy You

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