10 SCARY GHOST Videos That’ll Mess With Your Head

by johnsmith

Top 10 scary videos ghosts caught on camera  the first scary ghost video you’re about to see   was filmed at trianglular field in gettysburg  philadelphia back in 2009. triangular field   saw a bloody battle in 1863 and is known  to harbor extreme paranormal activity  

Dozens of witnesses have come forward to  share their stories of their encounters in   the area and many claim the following video  is one of the most authentic videos to date a white apparition appears and walks across the  path then another one appears for vanishing into  

Thin air commenters on this video claim that  they’ve witnessed many similar sightings while   living in the area and that this video is legit  but what do you think is this the most authentic   video of a ghost caught on camera drop a  comment below with the thoughts the figure

The next scary ghost video comes  from the japanese ghost hunter   channel omagatoki film where they conduct  a paranormal investigation late at night   inside an abandoned hospital the pair  explore the abandoned hospital where they   hear creepy noises and bangs however later  in the video they captured this on camera

The sound of a woman can be heard very faintly in  the abandoned hospital then shadowy figure can be   seen on the opposite balcony staring this way  when the camera pans back the shadow we figure   is no longer there they then stumble across  some old photographs which are blurred due to  

Japan’s strict censorship laws however the sound  comes from outside and when the camera pans up   the figure can be seen just standing there in  the darkness the pair jump back in fear and   when they look back figure has mysteriously  disappeared so did a magataki film capture a  

Ghost on camera or is it all fake tell me what  you think in the comments below snapchat ghost i found this next ghost video over on  reddit it was shared a couple of years ago   however i haven’t seen it posted anywhere recently  video clip is apparently a snapchat footage of a  

Ghost child when the original uploader’s friends  explore their childhood school now before i roll   the clip i must point out that the cuts in the  video are part of the original upload is the   clip you miss peggy [ __ ] peggy oh damn that  went out no that was that’s like a [ __ ] young  

Person i mean after all it is quarantined like  we’re getting the [ __ ] out of here right now i’m dead serious this is freaking me the [ __ ]  out that doesn’t right in front of my [ __ ] lens dude i’m actually [ __ ] freaking  out dude yeah i’m getting  

Dude it gets more that thing looks like it’s  looking right at us like this like this look at it what that every time i move closer  it looks more in like a figurine i did not see that when we passed  

What the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] dude okay you  know yeah the street lights all of a sudden   go out the sound of a child is then heard then  attempt to leave but as they look over a fence   shadowy figure shaped as a child can be seen  standing motionless watching the two teenagers  

They then make their way out but notice the  child’s eye shadow has followed them now i have   no idea if this video is real or not but like this  guy says staged or not it’s still creepy as shadow this next ghost video comes from the spanish  ghost hunter channel archivo extincto where  

They venture out to explore and try to  capture paranormal activity inside a   supposedly haunted school the team explore  the abandoned building from top to bottom   however at around 20 minutes into the video  they capture someone or something on camera

As kevin and fabio from the archivo extinto team  are calling out in the sports hall of the school   the shadowy figure can be seen moving clearly  on camera the figure walks from right to left   before disappearing out of sight archivo  extinto claim that this footage is 100  

Real and their viewers believe  it is two but what do you think   is this a shadow figure caught on  camera let me know real or fake this creepy video was recorded on a security  camera inside a police station somewhere  

In ecuador video shows a police officer  sat at his desk when all of a sudden   something scares the life out of him the police officer can be seen sitting  at his desk that all of a sudden the   chair behind him moves mysteriously all by  itself police officer spins around in shock  

For getting up and vacating the  building so what do you think of   this creepy video is it real or fake  as always it’s your call who is that this next ghost video was shared a  while back however i haven’t seen   it featured anywhere recently the  video was recorded as a japanese  

School for a marketing campaign for foreign  students who wish to study in the country   well after watching the video i would  probably look to study somewhere else as the camera pans round a dark figure can be seen  standing motionless outside the classroom window  

And what makes this video even creepier is that  this classroom is situated high up off the ground   because if you look here the bulb of the  street lamp is way below the girl’s head   at the time of recording nobody noticed the  figure stood at the window and for a video  

That’s meant to entice foreign students to study  overseas at this school why on earth would they   want this in the video anyway so yeah let me  know your thoughts on this video apparition this next ghost video was recommended  to me by one of my twitter followers  

It’s only a few seconds long but it’s left many  viewers scratching their heads the video shows a   pair of men driving down a dark dirt road late at  night and something appears in the car headlights stop stop seen in car headlights a ghostly figure  slowly takes form before quickly vanishing out  

Sight so is this a ghost caught on camera  is it fake tell me your thoughts blender man the next ghost video has been shared before  it was uploaded back in 2017 and uploaded to   the youtube account to top that top that  claims that while he was at home watching  

A boxing match with his friends creepy eight  foot tall figure peers in through the window so what do you think this could  be is it the face of slenderman   as top that claims or just a smudge  on the glass let me know down below  

Are an illusion i couldn’t find much information  on the following creepy clip other than it was   filmed on a bus passenger’s phone somewhere in  asia apparently loud noises were coming from the   front of the bus the passenger was so concerned  i decided to film it and this is what he caught

Is the buses driving at full speed woman appears  at the front window before ducking out of sight   but how did she get there many  viewers claim is a quote ghost   but many also claim it’s just an  illusion and that the woman is  

Actually on the inside of the bus the angle of  the video makes it seem as though she’s outside   but what do you think of this video drop a  comment below with your thoughts the spirit this video comes from the brazilian ghost hunter  channel route x paranormal investigation where  

They visit an old church located in the northern  part of rio de janeiro that the locals are branded   incredibly haunted what they caught  on camera may prove to be the case a shadowy figure slowly moves across a wall in  front of the ghost hunters without them realizing  

Shadow can clearly be seen on  camera whose is it so did route   much for watching you can watch more scary creepy  videos by clicking on any of these videos shown on   the screen you can also follow me on instagram  at mindjunkietv or over on tiktok at mindjunkie

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